How to Buy

Shopping Guidelines
Step (1) : Pick a product of your choice on www.angeltrim.com, you will then go to the product page of the selected item.
Step (2) : Under the Product page, enter the quantities of the item and click [Add this to Cart] to add this item onto your shopping cart.
Step (3) : Under {Your Shopping Cart Contents} page, Click on [Back to Shopping] in order to continue shopping.
Step (4) : After you find another item you want to purchase, click on [Add this to Cart] on the product page just like step (2).
Step (5) : If you want to keep on shopping for more products at this point, go back to Step (3); if you want to check out, click on [Checkout]. After pressing [goto Checkout], you will go onto the {member login} page.
Step (6) : Under {member login} page, login under returning customer if you are an existing cusomters; go to New Cusotmer section and fill in some simple information if you are a new member.
Step (7) : {Shipping Information} - Please select your shipping address on this page, this means the purchasing products will be sending to the shipping address. If this is a gift to a friend in another country, please click {change your address} button, then type your friends address. Please make sure your shipping information is correct.
Step (8) : {Payment Information} - Please check your billing address on this page, then please select Payment Method(Paypal or Credit Card via paypal) for this order. Please check and make sure the seller's paypal is payment@angeltrim.com
Step (9) : {Order Confirmation} - After confirmation of payment method, you will go to the Order Confirmation page, please final confirm all information are correct on this page, then pay by paypal.

Step (10). please click "Return to Merchant" in paypal (which will be after you have completed payment), otherwise we will not receive your order.
Thank you.

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