Hotfix Instruction

Hotfix Instruction :

1. remove the plastic backing from clear film.

2. place the iron-on motif onto the fabric with adhesive side down, press with an iron at temperature of 100ºC-180ºC for 8-30 second(80ºC-100ºC for 2-5 second for rhinestuds motif)subject to each motif size and the fabric (see the following information), please do not use steam or steam hole.

3. Turn over the fabric to the other side (backward) then heat iron on again.

4. allow the fabric to cool for few minutes, then slowly remove the plastic film from garment.

5. Make sure all rhinestones/rhinestuds are fixed, if not, reapply heat with same procedure.

Fine Fabrics :

e.g. silk, polysilk, lycra or thin fabrics

Temperature : 100~180 ºC Time : 7-15 seconds

Heavy Fabrics :

e.g. denim, jersey, fleece, or thick fabrics

Temperature : 100~180 ºC Time : 10-20 seconds

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